There is a great deal to discover, explore, appreciate, admire, smell and sample. If you decide to remain in the jungle, you can see coffee production in situ, cross rivers, observe the Cock-of-the-Rock birds, cross suspension bridges, rock climb, rest or relax in natural springs or simply admire beautiful scenery. Choose one of our tours:

1.- La Merced – San Ramón

El Tirol Waterfall
Orchid garden
El Perezoso Botanical gardens
Coffee and fruit-processing plants
Mirador La Cruz de Chanchamayo (Chanchamayo Cross Viewpoint)
This circuit is of moderate difficulty and is basically an introduction to the area.  It is ideal for families looking to appreciate the flora, fauna, the natural products and landscapes that Chanchamayo Valley has to offer.

2.- Borgoña

Kimiri suspension bridge
Citrus fruit plantation
Stone casona
Indiana Jones route tour
La Borgoña waterfall
Abseiling in waterfalls (otional)
This route provides more natural obstacles than any other.  We will encounter rudimentary steps, roots, small waterfalls, natural springs and climb small rocks. There is a lot of action on this tour.

3.- Guagapo Caves

Tarma main square
Huagapo cave visit
San Pedro de Cajas
Muruhuay Sanctuary
Lunch in Muruhuay
A walk through the city of Acobamba
Now we are getting further from the jungle into the mountainous region of Tarma, The Pearl of the Andes and its beautiful countryside.  Half an hour from the city are the grottos and caves of Huagapo and its stalagtites, strange winding rock formations and dark, never-ending paths.

4.- Pozuzo

(2 days, 1 night)
Yanachaga National Park
Rayantambo Waterfall
Yulitunki Waterfall
Prusia neighbourhood
Pozuzo main square
Francis Schafferer Museum
Cementerio de los Colonos (Colonists’ Cemetery)
Emperador Guillermo   (Emperor William) suspension bridge
Pozuzo is an attraction because of its Austro-German influence which is evident in its customs as well as its architecture.  It is advisable to stay at least one night.

5.- Oxapampa

Peruvian suspension bridge
San Luis de Shuaro
Oxampampa Square
Rancho Ruffner (farm)
Tunkicueva and El Huarapo
Trout farm (optional)
Floralp dairy processing plant (optional)
Oxapampa lies two and a half hours from Chanchamayo.  You can see how the surroundings change from green mountains and waterfalls to leafy pampas.  This town is known for its cattle rearing.

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6.- Valle Perene

Perene Valley
Kimiri suspension bridge
Profile of Nativo Dormido (sleeping indigenous man)
Chanchamayo and Puacartambo confluence
Pampa Michi indigenous community
Bayoz Watefall
El Velo de la Novia (the bride’s veil) Waterfall
Pichanaki Bridge boat ride
Coffee processing plant
The exuberant waterfalls, natural swimming pools and suspension bridges built over 100 years ago by the first colonists make this route unmissable.

7.- Circuito Las Reynas

Kimiri town
We start the walk following the course of the Chanchamayo River
Las tres Reynas Waterfall
Las Reynas offers deep, crystal-clear pools, steep rocks and refreshing waterfalls. You will be submerged in water during the whole trip. This is the most revitalising tour.

8.- Tour Pampa Hermosa

Puente Victoria (Victoria Bridge)
Nueva Italia
Azul Yacu Waterfall
Cañon Puente Chavez (Chavez Canyon Bridge)
Giant cedars
The Pampa Hermosa National Sanctuary is situated on a plateau with a variety of flora and fauna where you can see immense cedars, waterfalls, canyons and the always elusive and timid Cock-of- the-Rock, the emblematic bird of the Peruvian jungle.