Peruvians’ roots are manifested in their traditions and celebrations which remain lively and occur annually.  To prove this, you only need to see them dancing in their colorful costumes to the rhythm of live bands, walking round the streets decorated with flower carpets. All this occurs over a few days.

Here are the main festivals:

Easter                                                                                    March / April

Vitoc Patronaje Festival                                                         24th May

San Luis de Shuaro Patronage Festival                                21st June

Central Jungle Tourist Week                                                 23rd-30th June

Masato (Drink made of cooked, smashed, and fermented yucca cassava, with sweet potato or sugar) and Mountain-biking Festival                                                                                  24-26th June

San Ramon fruit festival                                                         29th June

Kivinaki Orange Festival                                                        8th-10th July

World’s biggest fruit salad festival                                         27th July

Oxapampa Patronage Festival                                              30th August

San Ramon Patronage Festival                                             31st August

Perene Political Creation                                                       2nd September

La Merced Patronage Festival                                              24th September

Pichanaki Patronage Festival                                                8th October

Lord of the Miracles Procession, La Merced                        18th October

Lord of the Miracles Procession, San Ramon                       28th October