Who we are

Cocos Hotel is the first boutique hotel in the Central Selva, a small paradise surrounded by green areas nestled in lush gardens and nature where you can breathe in every corner.

He was a visionary idea of ​​entrepreneurship that began to consolidate the dream of Mrs. Rita Espinoza Lara and her husband to have a hotel and make it a reality, his travels around the world, given the distinctive touch when gestate as wonderful boutique hotel project.

At this point, you have been working in a family business dedicated to gastronomic area with the flagship «Coffee», and increasingly quickly observed closely the need that existed in the Central Selva of a downtown hotel, cozy yet surrounded of nature, which further contribute to the sound development of the province.

Cocos was before a house and you just enter feel the warmth of home, all this is added the tropical heat that is mixed with the scents and sounds of the jungle such as producing vigorous over Chanchamayo river during stay you do not stop and enjoy all your senses work to the fullest and will make you spend moments of intense connection with nature.
The story continues in the next generation, which continues to break Cocos Boutique Hotel, with international experience and contribution, where Rita and Andrew, children, help consolidate the project Kametsari.
Lara, is the last of the daughters, and is a graduate and Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management from Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina Florianopolis Brazil with professional exchanges in Italy and the United States. And domain knowledge in foreign languages ​​like English, Portuguese and Italian. He is currently Group General Manager Kametsari, and chairs the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Allied – NOW Chanchamayo. It is also, Master in Tourism Marketing UNISUL, Brazil. And has developed a research on the Competitiveness of Tourist Services in the Central Forest.
Cocos Hotel Boutique, continues to grow and with it the goals and objectives are ever higher to achieve business success and achieve total customer satisfaction and has been awarded since its inception, with many awards and accolades in the domestic and internationally.
Peruvian Company of the Year Award 2011

In recognition of his outstanding performance as Best Company MANAGING Peru in the services sector.
Cocos Hotel Boutique, managed with great commitment and effort to consolidate its strategy of improving the quality of services offered to its customers, highlighting such an important national award.
Award 2012 – Latin American Quality Institute.

Achieving optimal results through the proper use of the tools of total quality. The Group reaffirms its position Kametsari continue growing and improving day by day according to international standards making reference to local, regional and national levels.

Global Compact – the Global Compact of the United Nations (2013)

The Global Compact is a voluntary initiative in which companies like Kametsari SRL is committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in 04 subject areas: human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption. By number of participants, six thousand in over 135 countries;
The Global Compact initiative is the largest corporate citizenship worldwide.
The Compact is a framework for action aimed at building the social legitimacy of corporations and markets. In addition, companies can maximize the benefits of participation, through the various activities offered: policy dialogues, learning forums and partnerships for projects. Another unique feature of the Global Compact is that signing this initiative, not only commits the company as a whole, but stresses the importance of the commitment of its leaders. The involvement of a top-level executive is an important signal to employees and other stakeholders, that the commitment to corporate citizenship is a strategic and operational priority. The involvement of senior management in implementing the Global Compact can have a high impact.