Kala Restaurant

Kala Restaurant: We offer a menu based on products and materials typical of the region, the taste of meat and products in these lands are deliciously unique, and you can check yourself.

Kala Restaurant aims to present the world the best of Peruvian cuisine. For its originality, quality and variety of ingredients, our country is recognized as having one of the best cuisines in the world with high quality products, sophistication and flavor, where our Amazon plays a key role as a major pantry and in the Central Selva, use fresh inputs, the day and the area, according to the time. For our quality and service, received the Award «Peru Quality 2012» Latinoamerican Quality Institute.

Kala is not just a restaurant serving local cuisine, but also exquisite cuisine where diners enjoy a whole experience of national and international cuisine of different flavors with friendly service and unquestionable quality.

Renowned Chefs, have enriched the cuisine Restaurant Kala, many years ago.
Kala Restaurant opened in 2004, the word «Kala» meaning «Freedom» and a decade of constant dedication has ranked among the best restaurants in the Central Forest. In 2009 evolves and renews, the local and the letter adapt to new culinary trends while retaining its essence.

In early 2013, the Kametsari Group, owner of Coco Boutique Hotel, officially launched a new Charter and will release their new Chef, a milestone for the Central Selva with new dishes and gourmet delicacies to delight all visitors , friends and other fans Kala cuisine Restaurant.